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vent session

We've all been there.

You want, NEED someone to talk to...

But you can't or won't talk to your family about it...

Your friends are burned out listening to you or you don't wanna share with them what's going on...

You deserve to have your feelings VALIDATED.

You deserve to feel HEARD & UNDERSTOOD.

You feel alone.

But you're not.  Because you have me.  :)

common vent session topics


Family member frustrations

Money trouble


Work/career challenges

Loss of a friend or loved one

Troubled intimate relationships


Health problems


"1st World Problems"

Substance issues

Lack of connection to a higher power

LBGT topics


Self-care is crucial to you

being the best YOU. 

Remember, can't pour from an empty cup.

You're worth reaching out to me...

and you deserve it right now!!

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