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I'm so fortunate to have great clients.  It's because of these beautiful souls I'm able to carry out my life passion of empowering others emotionally, mentally and physically.

I humbles me to put such amazing words out there for others to read but you deserve to see the health and life coach I really am...right from the hearts of those I've touched.

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Brittanie J.

Kristy’s help was absolutely essential when I was at my lowest. I turned to her when my mental health was declining, my approach to overall health was riding on doctors who lacked the ability to see into my emotional state—they couldn’t help me. Kristy’s holistic approach to getting to know me, understanding my needs on a deep level, and going from the inside help transformed me into the successful business owner I am today. She has a bubbly attitude, a no-judgement outlook on life, and a very healing spirit. I recommend her unequivocally and without hesitation; I’m happy to share my personal story of overcoming obstacles with anyone who wants to contact me personally— Kristy deserves the recognition for her amazing skills as a life and health coach!


Jennifer O.

I had the pleasure of working with Kristy Clarke for The TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION 90 Day Program. With the guidance and motivation Kristy provided, I was able to make informed choices that continue to have a such a positive impact on my life. I know that it was not just her invaluable information and strategies that helped me to grow and transform. Kristy instinctively knows how to both inspire and connect with her clients to meet their individual needs. She is a true coach in every sense of the word.


sierra c.

Kristy is a great health and life coach!  She has taught me so much about my physical and mental health.  I am finally understanding what my body needs from me and how to work with those needs rather than trying to do one size fits all routines that don't generally work with postpartum bodies.  She has helped me learn to enjoy movement and now I look forward to my workouts!  She also works with all types of diets without judgement!  I am Vegan and felt 100% supported.  She is by far the greatest listener, and always makes me feel heard.  She motivates by empowering and her kindness and positivity is refreshing.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health.


brooke l.

The past few years have been the worst years of my life. I’ve gone through an abusive marriage, divorce, and the unexpected loss of my father.  Kristy is very understanding, encouraging, and uplifting.  She validates your feelings and helps you get through certain life situations. She has reminded me how important self care is and how it affects our body and health.  Taking her advice and working on my self care has improved my physical and emotional well being tremendously.  She is very knowledgeable in so many aspects of our spirit, mind, and body!  I am so thankful for Kristy and how she has improved my life!  I am happier and more confident then ever!  Thank you Kristy!


michel l.



jAnna h.

Kristy has been such a wonderful coach through my journey of becoming a healthier version of myself. She helped me through not only a very hard time in my life but showed me the path to healthier eating habits, self worth and happiness in general. I'm blessed to have her as a coach and more importantly a friend.

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