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As a parent, I know that meal times can be STRESSFUL! 


Everyone has their own preferences, allergies and picky eaters can make meals difficult to manage.

One of the most common situations I see are family and cultural beliefs around food


These can create unhealthy habits and behaviors that can be hard to unlearn.


Let's find a way to break those unhealthy cycles and set ourselves AND our children up for a lifetime of good healthy habits.

Include the whole family in exploring your barriers to better nutrition and developing meal and snack-time strategies to make sure your family is eating right!


Home visits are also available for a 10% additional charge.

Step 1

Initial Appointment

At your initial appointment (1-hour) we will explore:

  • each family members' eating habits and style

  • diet and weight history

  • cultural/family food and weight beliefs

  • current health status and medical history

  • nutrition and health objectives

  • nutrition & self-care education

  • short and long term health & wellness goals

After our discussion, we’ll formulate an custom healthy eating plan together that will help each member achieve their goals.


Step 2

follow-up appointmentS

I will evaluate how the eating plan has been working for your family and provide support for each member.

The follow-up sessions allow you to:

  • Discuss current food and activity struggles

  • Address food and nutrition concerns

  • Provide continued health and nutrition education

  • Encourage use of new coping strategies

  • Explore food and weight beliefs

  • Introduce and implement new self-acceptance and self-care skills

  • Understand the importance and necessity of self-care skills

  • Build confidence in your ability to make healthy habits that will last

  • Fine-tune your current family eating plan

** REMINDER: you're not searching for family nutrition counseling to be on a "Diet".  You're looking for long-term solutions by creating new habits around food and wellness.

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