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smart shopping consult

Ever glanced in someone else's cart at the grocery store...

and then glanced in your own cart?

Shopping can be hard.  There are so many brands and so much "health food" out there. 


How can you decipher which brands to buy and which to leave?

There is a science to shopping at the grocery store.  Some stores even TRACK YOU using the MAC address on your phone and use the data to analyze your shopping patterns.

Stores use that data and collaborate with brands for product placement and store design.  It's called consumer behavior psychology and there is a lot of money spent researching your shopping patterns.






There is SUCCESSFUL grocery's a stress-free experience where you spend as little time as possible in the store picking out the right foods for the week and sticking to your budget.

And then there is UNSUCCESSFUL grocery shopping...where it's a 2-hour affair full of impulsive purchases and a high bill at the end.

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This 75-minute SMART Shopping Nutrition Consult will give you the strong whole food foundation you need. 

All of those misleading and unclear labels will be debunked. 


You'll learn everything you need to get in - and get OUT - confidently sticking to your family budget and goals.

Learn about:

  • GMO

  • organic vs. conventional produce

  • grass fed & wild meats

  • fermented & probiotic foods

  • seasonal eating

Consults are tailored to your health requirements & goals.

$125 for 1 person or $90 each for 2+

I'm ALWAYS traveling! So check my calendar to see if I'm traveling to your area!

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