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5 Toxic Friend Traits You Need To Know

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Traits of toxic people and traits of TRUE friends ahead! Letting go of unhealthy friendships is hard, I know but this will tell you how to know if you have a toxic friend or person in your life.

What is a toxic friend?

💀 They pop up from time to time. Occasionally long-time friendships turn toxic.

So what is the definition of a toxic friend? What are some toxic traits of women? Of men? Of EVERYONE!? 💬

👯 How do you know that a friend just isn't going through a hard time and is taking it out on you? Releasing friends isn't so easy...toxic or not. I treasure my friendships and they're the backbone of who I am today...

It's hard letting go but there are some spotlight traits you can use to help you come to a conclusion that supports your mental, emotional and physical health. 👌

The definition of a toxic person is literally anyone who repeatedly makes you go, "W-T-F..." while you shake your head in disbelief, shock or disappointment.

5 Toxic Friend (& Family) Traits

Get ready to put your people to the test. Who needs to stay and who needs a break or be shown the door...

1. One-Sided Friendship 🙋

This person...

  • Makes you feel like you're giving more than you're getting

  • You're repeatedly the first to call and text

  • Rarely invites you out

  • Barely accepts your invites

  • Forgets to call/text you back regularly

True Friend Trait is:


equality in the relationship

calls/texts you as much as you call/text them

equally accept each other's bids for connection

general understanding that life gets in the way but it doesn't impact your relationship

2. Emotional Rollercoaster 🎢

This person...

  • Is an "AskHole": asks for your advice and does the opposite

  • Drags you into their drama when you're trying to be supportive

  • Is regularly in Full Crisis Mode

  • Talks sh*t behind your back and you know it

  • Calls you to cry more than they call you to check-in

True Friend Trait is:


asks and applies your reliable advice

there in crisis and celebration

always speaks compassionately about you

3. Needs You For Everythingggggggg 🙈

This person...

  • Owes you money and STILL asks to borrow more

  • Calls to consult you before having tough conversations with others

  • Feels alienated if you don't check-in everyday

  • Delegates responsibility in an inappropriate way at work/home

  • Whines and complains all-the-time

True Friend Trait is:


respects your boundaries

can read when you're overwhelmed or want space

compassionate about your needs

goes out of their way for you without expecting anything in return

4. Hate Being Around Them & You're Happy When They Leave 👋

This person...

  • Makes you go, "uggghhhhh" when you see them calling/texting

  • Immediately makes you anxious when you see them

  • Has a competitive nature that drains you

  • Behaves arrogantly and better than you

  • You sigh in absolute relief when they leave

True Friend Trait is:


knows their strengths and weaknesses

adaptable and goes with the flow

equally accept each other's bids for connection

general understanding that life gets in the way but it doesn't impact your relationship

5. The Negativity & Criticism (of everything) Never Stops 🙉

This person...

  • Takes ZEROOOO responsibility for their actions

  • Makes their opinion known and has something to say about everything

  • Brings down the energy in the group

  • Cries and makes excuses when confronted about their negativity

  • Becomes envious and will try to manipulate others to get what they want

True Friend Trait is:


finds the best in others

identifies when use a censored opinion

raises the group energy level

knows how and when to say "no" effectively

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Kristy Clarke

TL;DR: Toxic friends have a one-sided relationship, send you on emotional rollercoasters, need you for everything, hate to see them and happy to watch them leave, and are super negative.


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