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I, I COACH people to become the best version of themselves they can dream up. 


I take old habits that no longer serve you and coach you into new habits that support your IDEALISTIC SELF!

Everyone - including me - has been in a place in their lives where enough is enough! 


If it's about your weight, mental health, family habits, behaviors...


I've been coaching people just like you for over 10 years to...

  • improve their relationship with food & exercise

  • learn how to get back in touch with their body

  • develop from a "negative" person to a "positive" one

  • overcome blocks they've had since childhood

  • how to communicate about feelings

  • ...and much more

It's been the most rewarding experiences of my life!

I have a Bachelors in Human Development and Family Studies with an emphasis in Family Studies from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I'm also a graduate of The Health Coach Institute in 2017 with many years of self-education and practice.

My coaching approach is founded on EMPATHY, RESULTS and FUN! 


I'm not your typical health coach who is going to give you a diet plan, exercise routine, and a 'go get 'em tiger' pat on the butt...find an Istamodel for that.


My style is is based around simple lifestyle adjustments, individualized to every client's unique life, family, obligations and needs.


No one person's program is the same as another's, however they do all follow the same structure.

I'm an expert at helping you tap into your INNATE WISDOM to uncover what you don’t know you know.


I want to guide you to identify what you really WANT in a situation so you can start claiming it, each and everyday.


I listen intently, tell you what I see, and hold you accountable so you can move up and on from wherever you’re stuck.

My strengths are Input, Command, Positivity, Individualization and Consistency.

My personality type is ENFJ-A, Protagonist.

If you're ready to gain more natural energy, lower your stress, improve your sex life, lose weight, and LOVE YOURSELF...then you've come to the right place.

Talk to you soon beautiful!


Kristy Clarke

IMG_5509-small (1).jpg
This is TOTALLY for you, IF:
  • You are FINISHED looking for the 'magic pill/powder/shake/product'

  • You are ready to challenge yourself & actually do the things

  • You are ALL-IN for changing old beliefs and habits around food that no longer serve you

  • You are ready to SHOW UP  for yourself, invest in your health and stop making excuses

  • You are done playing victim and READY to take back responsibility for your own health

This is NOT for you, IF:
  • You're still searching for a 'magic pill, powder, shake &/or product' to lose weight so you can continue old unhealthy eating & lifestyle patterns

  • You are looking for pre-set meal plans instead of discovering what's best for your unique body 

  • You refuse trying new foods or challenge any unhealthy cultural or familial beliefs around food

  • You refuse to accept ownership of your problems and want me to fix them for you


I truly believe that there are as many "right" diets out there as there are people on the plant. 


And if it was as easy as following a diet, obesity wouldn't be an epidemic in this country.

We all need a coach - a guide - to help us navigate our way to mental, emotional and physical health. 


It's tough to sift through all the information out there.  Let me do that for you and help develop a plan with your lifestyle in mind to begin succeeding at being the best version of you that you can dream up.

Looking for guidance for the whole family?  I got you! 

As a mother, I know kids can be difficult at meal time.  Get the whole family involved in making health a priority...even those (sometimes) stubborn spouses & teens!

The supplement & essential oil world can be confusing!  Everyone claims they have the best and most advanced new products.  ::eye roll::


How can you tell what's right for your unique body?

Just need to talk to someone who will lovingly listen to your tears & fears?  Someone who is actually going to listen, validate your feelings & listen to you just vent your heart out? 

::Raises hand:: 

That's me, I got you.

kristy clarke family hike waterfall.jpeg
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P & P

Products & Partnerships

I'm lucky to have found some outstanding products and sensational people to be on this journey with. 

Some of these products I use everyday in my health 🍎, home 🏡 and family life...products that have reduced my stress, simplified my life and added that bit of sparkle.

The partnerships I've formed are with those I trust, value their work/advice/opinion, and have the ultimate ability to enhance your life. ⭐

P & P


“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done for me. You've changed my relationship with myself and I'm forever grateful.” 

—  Miranda B, Florida



I'll get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your message!

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